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Daggers of Darkness, Book 1, Into the Black

Armor & Lace - Part 1

Here's the first of a two-part set featuring CWO3 Sylvia Stewert, the Comm-Off. onboard the S.F.S. Nightwing, SLG-78, in my novel, "Daggers of Darkness - Into the Black". Sylvia, as my readers know from the story, is -- among other things -- a qualified Specal Warfare operator. Here, I've depicted Syl wearing her powered combat armor while on a mission on Chandor-V, and I've paid a bit of homage to Frank Frazetta in both the pose and the hand sticking up (if you've seen any of his works, you'll likely notice it right off).

Sylvia is one dangerously beautiful -- or beautifully dangerous -- bat G.E.L.F., who can charm the socks off of anyone and drop a grenade down their shorts while doing so. ;) Sylvia has an odd sense of humor, and if anyone remarks about her abnormally long fangs, she's likely to say that she has some vampire bat on her grandmother's side...with a look that you can't tell if she's being serious or just yanking your tail. (She actually does have some vampire bat in her, so gotta watch those razor sharp fangs! ;) )

Art, Character(s), and story © 2014-2015 Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).

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