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Here's Bren-Khy'an, she's an Imperial Guard 1st Grade in the Jankir-Sumíl Regiment of the Che'maht Sahn'rah (the elite personal guard of Empress Krel-Mri'ana).

Bren-Khy'an is 7 ft. 10 in. tall, and an imposing, definitely no-nonsense, warrior whose loyalty to the Empress is absolute. She has an "energy shield" on her left arm (upon a certain movement, the eight telescoping arms shoot out and a force-field engages from the emitters at the ends). In her right hand is a fully functional "Blade of Mûr Tua'ansa" - it is currently in the "energized" state, with the forward part emitting disruptor energies, ready to cause death and destruction to anything it touches. The weapon is specially "tuned" to its "owner", so that in the hands of anyone else, it would just be a sharp blade (she can actually use it as such, if need be, though).

I used a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, a 2B and 6B graphite stick, and a couple blending tools on this piece, on Georgia-Pacific "Everyday Copy & Print" paper.

Art, character(s), & story © 2014 Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).

Colliefan · 27/02/2018 18:45 · 1 Reply

Wow tall.

Ancient Wolf · 27/02/2018 19:11

And she'll just keep getting taller as she ages.

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