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Here is Ilen-Saa'an, of the House of Ilen, where she is 4th Daughter in a 3rd Circle house (think "lower class"). She is thinking about how much of a mess her life has just become because of a bumbling son of human diplomats assigned to her world.

The basic plot centers around the young human guy by the name of Craig Nicolini getting into a "misunderstanding" with Ilen-Saa'an one day (she dropped something and he picks it up and tries to hand it to her, but in the process he unwittingly does so in a way that she takes offense to) while he was looking around the city. Bren-Khy'an gets involved -- almost lethally, and the situation escalates until a member of the Royal Court comes with her guards, and eventually diffuses the situation. Trying to make up for the apparent insult, fright, and embarrassment of Ilen-Saa'an, the guy invites her to dinner...at the embassy (something that is unheard of in Mûr Tua'ansa society). Craig gets a crash course in how to deal with Mûr Tua'ansa women by -- of all people -- Bren-Khy'an, who is definitely not the best example. Eventually, Ilen-Saa'an can't stop thinking of Craig (hence the above drawing), and feels that her life has suddenly been turned upside-down. He can't stop thinking of her, either, and perhaps one thing will lead to another... ;)

I drew this using a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil with HB lead, a 6B graphite stick, various blending and shading tools, on Georgia-Pacific's "Everyday Copy & Print" paper.

Art, character(s), and storyline © 2013-2016 Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).

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