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From "Tangled Vines":

Here's Ilen-Saa'an's Tal'esna Je-mah, a particular two-seater model of speeder bike. The bike has three anti-grav repulsor units plus a thruster for lift and propulsion. It is capable of achieving a top speed of 200 km/hr and an altitude of 1.0 km AGL (Above Ground Level), with a range of approximately 14 days of use before recharging (energy storage cells, fuel, etc.). The nose of the bike contains an air intake for cooling, a mini deflector array (for avoiding being hit by flying creatures, branches or small objects), and sensors. The driver has a view screen that displays pertinent performance data, enhanced visual (forward and rear views), and navigational data. The handlebars curve inward (unlike our current motorcycles); the front set has thumb controls on each side that control various bike functions. The top portion of the two rear anti-grav units contain storage compartments for items. The legs of the driver and passenger are provided further protection by molded in side fairings. Ilen-Saa'an has opted for the entertainment system (a comm system and security system are standard). On the underside (not shown in this view) is a three-point retractable stand for the bike to rest on when the anti-grav units are switched off to save power.

I drew the basic outline of the bike on Georgia-Pacific's "Everyday Copy & Print" paper using a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil with HB lead, inked it with a Pilot G-2 05 pen with black gel ink, and then used the Pixlr online editor (https://www.pixlr.com/editor) to add first the background (a freely available stock photo), which I added a blur to put the focus on the bike, and then added the bike as a 2nd layer. Coloring, shading, and touch-ups were all done using Pixlr. Text was added in Windows Paint.

Art, bike concept, character(s), and story © 2016 Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).

Colliefan · 27/02/2018 18:49 · 2 Replies

Nice tech.

Ancient Wolf · 27/02/2018 18:56

I would like one of these. :)

Colliefan · 27/02/2018 19:00

Me too.

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