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Here's Lady Nemi-Mer'ana, of the Diplomatic Circle, Mûr Tua'ansa Star Empire. She is the official government liaison to the Terran Embassy, located on Mûr Zhæn in the capital city of Zhæn'ana. Given her position, she is in regular contact with the ambassadorial staff of the Terran Embassy, and frequently visits William and Cassandra Nicolini, who are the human diplomatic officials in charge of Cultural Exchange.

For an otherwise typical Mûr Tua'ansa woman, Lady Nemi-Mer'ana is a bit on the petite side. However, she is a highly intelligent, quick-witted, strong-willed, calculating diplomat who knows when to be charming and when to "go for the throat", so-to-speak.

Story Note: I don't have a working title for the story yet, though am currently writing the Prologue. Ilen-Saa'an (4th Daughter, House of Ilen, 3rd Circle), who Craig Nicolini, the 20 year-old son of William and Cassandra Nicolini, ends up invited to dinner -- at the embassy -- and Lady Nemi-Mer'ansa makes an appearance, causing poor Ilen-Saa'an to about have the Mûr Tua'ansa equivalent of a cow, who is already rather uncomfortable with just being at the same table with Craig and his parents (not to mention the fact that they're also diplomats, and those of the 3rd Circle do not mix with members of the Diplomatic Circle...or anyone of high status for that matter). Ah, bumbling Craig has a LOT to learn about Mûr Tua'ansa society, and especially Mûr Tua'ansa women, and his teacher is going to be none other than Bren-Khy'an, an Imperial Guard 1st Grade in the Jankir-Sumíl Regiment of the Che'maht Sahn'ral (the elite personal guard of Empress Krel-Mri'ana)! Yep, things are going to be...tense... ;)

I drew this using a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil with HB lead, various blending and shading tools, on Georgia-Pacific's "Everyday Copy & Print" paper.

Art, character(s), and storyline © 2013-2016 Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).

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