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I did this piece about Kapik, one of the offspring of Atka and Sesi from the story, after writing a quasi dream sequence in chapter 33 (I still have to type it).

Atka, Sesi, and their offspring are -- as it gets told in the story -- part human. I have an excerpt from the story where she's described.

[b](Excerpt from Chapter 33)
Later that evening after he had dozed off with Kapik lying against him, Ron had a dream. In this dream he saw Kapik change into something part wolf and part human female, and the nshe stood up on two legs and walked shyly towards him, holding her paw/hand out to him. She looked strangely beautiful, even though unlike G.E.L.F. females, this dream image of Kapik was not totally covered with fur. She had fur on her shoulders and back, fur on the upper part of her chest and running down between and around pettite, bare breasts, down her abdomen to between her legs. Her forearms and lower legs were covered with light gray blending into white fur. Her eyes were amber and somewhat lupine, though the shape of her face was somewhere between wolf and human. Her ears were lower, but still pointed and furry, she still had a bushy wolf tail, and she had very long light gray with white streaks hair.


Anyway, here's "Kapik -- Body & Soul"...Kapik is as everyone sees her at the bottom (looks like a normal wolf, though slightly larger than one), and above is her "spirit image" if you will, as my character "Ron" sees her in what he thinks is a dream. If you look carefully, the hair around her face and the shape of her face form a "heart" shape, and the markings on her face (which reflects that on her wolf body) is kind of like a stylized bird shape.

I drew this with my usual mechanical pencils, etc, on Georgia-Pacific "Everyday Copy & Print" paper

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I remember her from the story and always had a soft spot for her.

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Kapik becomes quite famous, and in the time of "Daggers of Darkness", she's revered.

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