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This is Kylie, she's a young Gen-2 female bat G.E.L.F. who is still at The Center, in my "Family Tails" story. She's 157 cm (or about 4 ft 6 in), and was introduced in chapter 9. She is also in chapter 14, which I'm writing now. Kylie does have the echo location ability of (almost) all bats, plus her wings are functional--she can fly short distances of perhaps to, say, the roof of a three-story building vertically or about 30-40 meters horizontally (still developing her flight muscles). She may never be able to fly as well or as far as a true bat, but she can at least get out of the way of something or safely leap from a building. Her eyes can see well enough at twilight, though the bright noon time sun in Texas tends to be too much for her. Unlike true bats, Kylie was created with two digits at each wrist, giving up one wing "rib" (finger) so that she can grasp objects. Clothing is something of a challenge for her, given the membranes of her wings and having only two digits on each "hand". Though you can't see them in the drawing, her feet do have the typical long five toes that can grab a hold of something and "lock", so she can actually hang upside down if she wishes, though she kind of likes sleeping on a regular bed.

I drew this using mechanical pencils, graphite stick, various blending and shading tools, on Georgia-Pacific "Everyday Copy & Print" paper.


© Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).

Colliefan · 28/02/2018 20:13 · 3 Replies

The best looking bat anthro/gelf I have ever seen.

Ancient Wolf · 28/02/2018 20:18

Thanks. :)  Kylie is a real sweetie...I may have to write a short story for her sometime.

Colliefan · 28/02/2018 20:23

I'm sure your fans would enjoy that.

Ancient Wolf · 28/02/2018 20:28

I do have plans for writing "Family Tails - Generation II", which will focus on the kids.

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