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Back in chapter 8, Rosie mentioned by name a couple of friends, Holly (have posted a drawing of) and Maxine. Here is Maxine Ratte (I used the Middle English spelling of "rat" for her last name). Maxine was derived from a standard white labratory rat (technically a black Norwegian rat). She stands about 5 ft tall, and is a Gen-1 G.E.L.F.

Maxine is a singer and a comedian (one of her favorite lines is, "you don't get a body like mine unless you've been in a real rat race!"). She has a singing voice that is very similar to that of Clare Torry, who sang in Pink Floyd's, "Great Gig In The Sky", from their album, "Dark Side of the Moon." In the story, Maxine is recording an album that will be titled, "Maximum Rat" (yeah, it's an odd title in a way, but it fits her personality).

I had a time drawing this because I think I snagged the wrong paper. I found some blank sheets in a pile I was going through, and I used one of them...however, I think it was for my ink jet printer (drawn on the non-coated side) and not the usual paper I use. Anyway, after I finished it, I sprayed it using an acrylic matte spray due to all of the graphite stick fill. I used my usual assortment of mechanical pencils, blending and shading tools and graphite stick to draw this. Original scanned at the public library on their Epson scanner, text added in Windows Paint (they don't have Photoshop, unfortunately).


© 2013 Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me)

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