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Here's a "publicity picture" of Maxine Ratte and the Ratte Pack. Although Maxine was mentioned a few times in my "Family Tales" novel, she didn't have any real part where she was introduced.

Well, I may eventually write something about the all-girl all-rat G.E.L.F. band, so that they can all be introduced and given their voices. They are quite the rockin' babes, and a load of fun to watch and listen to.

From left to right:

Muriel Rufus - bass guitar, vocals

Vanessa Ratto - vocals, sax, flute

Connie Norvus - synthesizers, keyboards, vocals

Maxine Ratte - lead vocals, bandleader

Andrea ("Andie") Ratavinsky - lead guitar, vocals

Sophia ("Sophi") Ratavinsky - drums

Michelle Rattius - rhythm guitar, semi-acoustic and acoustic guitars, vocals

Muriel tends to be laid-back, on and off the stage. Vanessa is the fun one, always smiling and flirting with the audience while performing. Connie is shy off stage, though on stage she sensually moves to the music while playing. Maxine is the most outgoing of the gals, with a personality like Mae West; she can sing with the vocal range of the likes of Clare Torrey, Annie Lennox, and Deborah Harry. On stage, Andrea is definitely the hardest rockin' rat you'll ever meet, and whenever she gets the chance to show off, she'll do it (think Eddie Van Halen). Andrea's sister, Sophia, combines a natural rhythm and her own unique style as the band's timekeeper.

I drew this using my usual drawing tools, on 18"x12" ledger-weight paper. I then scanned it using a large document scanner, and then used Pixlr to clean up the white background and add the light-to-dark gradient. The text was added using Micro$oft Publisher.

Art, characters, and story © Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).

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