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Here's Lieutenant (junior grade) Shauna Eriksson, a Clydesdale mare G.E.L.F. who is the Engineer onboard Nightwing. She has a crush on James, the captain of her ship, despite their size difference (and the fact that he already has two mates!). Shauna can drink nearly anyone under the table, and she's quite strong. She does, however, have a troubled past, which will come out in the story, and it has caused her to have "anger management issues"...just ask poor SRB-5917, who gets into all sorts of trouble with her, usually just by the annoying habit of taking things too literally. He's pictured with her here, and yes, Shauna does keep a big wrench handy...just in case... ;)


© 2013 Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).

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