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Okay, here are the android avatars of the five Spirit-class long-range scout ships featured in "Daggers of Darkness". I have to admit that this isn't one of my better pieces because I find it difficult to get proper details when I have to draw on a small scale like this. All five are drawn on just one 8.5 in x 11 in sheet of paper in "landscape" mode (paper is sideways). One other thing is that the ladies are not drawn exactly to scale with each other -- if put shortest to tallest, it would be Lilith, Fey, Cyrilla, Leila, and Moira (Lilith is about the same height as CWO3 Sylvia Stewert who is 5 ft 4 in tall, and Moira is 5 ft 9 in tall). Maybe some day I'll do a close-up portrait of each, but until then, this will have to do.

I drew this using just my 0.5 mm mechancial pencil with HB lead, my usual blending and shading tools, on Georgia-Pacific "Everyday Copy & Print" paper. To add the printed text, I inserted the picture into a blank MS Publisher document (landscape), added the title in a text box, added the info on each avatar in a 5-cell table (single row), and added my copyright text in a text box. I used OCR Extended font for the main title and also for the character info.

All characters, art, and story (c) Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me)

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