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Here's Violet Daugherty, one of the children of Ron Daugherty and Rosie from "Family Tails", at age 30. She got her great looks from her mom, of course, though from her dad she inherited some of his height. Unlike her sister, Chrys Ann, VIolet put her career as a (of all things) vulcanologist (a scientist who studies volcanoes) first, though she eventually gets married when she's 35. Violet took after her mother, Rosie, in that growing up she was more of the "domestic type" than her siblings, and didn't mind doing housework and cooking. However, Violet has always been quite a flirt, and was the first of the girls to take an interest in boys--G.E.L.F. or human. One thing Violet becomes famous for in the family, is her highly volitile raisin-rum cake (she makes it with 150-proof dark Jamaican rum)--"It'll curl your nose hairs", as Rosie quipped once. :)

I drew this using a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil with HB lead, 2B graphite stick, various blending and shading tools, on Georgia-Pacific "Everyday Copy & Print" paper. Inspiration came from the Guns-n-Roses song, "Sweet Child of Mine" -- that song determined (more or less) that I was going to draw one of the girls, and this time it turned out to be Violet. :)

Art, character(s), and storyline © 2013-2014 Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).

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