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I made a "facial study" (a close up of her face) in color, using a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil with HB lead, a Pilot G-2 05 gel ink pen with black ink, Sharpies (also with black ink -- one a click-type, and the other a professional grade), an architect's scale, a right triangle (to get things squared up), an Engineer's "aircraft grade" rule (measures in 10ths & 100ths of an inch on one side, 32nds & 64ths of an inch on the other), a "stub" (type of blending/shading tool), tracing paper (to perfect parts on a practice sheet and then transfer over to the main drawing), Prismalcolor pencils, and drew it on Georgia-Pacific's "Everyday Copy & Print" paper.

I was able to get really good facial detail on this view of Zhir-Chi'an, particularly her eyes, bridge of nose, and teeth. If you look close, you'll see the tiny holes in her fangs for the venom ducts (yes, the Mûr-Tua'ansa are venomous, as are most of the animal life on their homeworld -- even many plants have toxic defensive capabilities much like poison ivy, European yew trees, etc., only some are quite lethal!). Unlike a Terran rattlesnakes', the fangs of a Mûr-Tua'ansa are not retractable, they're fixed in the "down" position.

Here's a bit of info on the venom: a tiny amount is used to "mark" one's mate (any Mûr-Tua'ansa can see the stain from such a bite, given their ability to see from infrared through ultraviolet -- a human would need some sort of visual aid); a deep-penetrating bite with full venom injection is horribly lethal in similar sized opponents, usually taking approximately 15-20 minutes (it would kill an average human in under 5 minutes). There is an anti-venom available for Mûr-Tua'ansa, in case of an illegal or an accidental attack (which are rare). The venom, as it attacks the body, has the combined effects of a spider's venom, a rattlesnake, and a coral snake -- it is a blood and nerve toxin, and it dissolves tissues. Nasty stuff. If you ever read my novel, "Tangled Vines", you'll find out just how nasty their venom is.

When I scanned this drawing, I had to make some adjustments in the image qualities, so I hope it doesn't look odd-colored on your screen. :)


Art, character, and stories © 2013-2018 Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).

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