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This is Dahmietra, she's one of the main characters in my trilogy, "The Sacrifice for Peace". Dahmietra (or Dahmi for short) is/was one of the the Dahl-Hahn Wa'ek (commonly referred to simple as the Wastelanders). Dahmi is a 14 yr old human female, 5 ft 4 in tall, 110 lbs, auburn hair and green eyes. Mist Runner originally accepts the job from the High Cleric of the Wastelanders of being her protector, though later he and his mate, Red Moon, later adopt her into their family and clan. During the adoption ritual, blood is shared between Dahmi and Mist Runner, Red Moon and their parents through a knife cut on the hand. Because of Dahmietra's unique heritage (she's not 100% human), and the nature of Mist Runner being one of the First Born of the First Ones, and his parents being First Ones (think of them as being something like the High Ones in the Elf Quest series by Wendy and Richard Pini), a slow change begins to happen to Dahmietra, until one night she discovers that she can become like her love mate, Warri. In her wereform, she is 6 ft 9 in tall, and has amber-tinged green eyes, auburn hair and fur, with light fur down her front. Dahmietra was given away to a religious enclave at the age of 5 yrs, where she had been sequestered until the High Cleric brings Mist Runner to meet her. The story is mostly about her and the quest Mist Runner and his friends embark upon in order to save Dahmietra from her own people, and protect her from an ancient evil bent on inciting a war. The three images of Dahmietra are (from left to right) when she was at the religious enclave (the outfit is similar to typical Dark Ages European / ancient Middle Eastern female costume), the new outfit that Red Moon has made for her in the village of Hope's Spring, and in her wereform (that appears nears the end of the first volume). The picture is drawn using only a mechanical pencil and shading tool on "everyday copy & print" paper.

I have an explanation as why she gets taller in her were form. After the adoption ritual, certain changes begin to take place in her body. Dahmi gradually starts to get more of an appetite, and her muscles begin to build and get denser (of course she's been exercising with Kurietta and learning how to fight with a staff and a knife), and the change is mass has been gradual, up until the time when she first changes. At that time, she really starts eating more because the change requires a lot of energy at first, until she learns how to control it and do it more efficiently. Her mass doesn't change between her were form and her human form, only her size and density (in were form she has normal density and mass for that size for one of the Ayoona-Lu-Nehm'a, and since her mass remains constant regardless of form, her density necessarily has to increase when she reverts back to human form -- simple matter of applied physics). 8^)
The character of Dahmietra, Mist Runner, Red Moon, Warri and "The Sacrifice for Peace" trilogy is © Ronald J. Lebeck

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