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This is Foxfire, she is the younger sister of Grimm Tooth. Foxfire is a female of the Ayoona_lu-Nehm'a or the People of the Forest. She is a little over 8,000 years old, which makes her much younger than her brother. Foxfire is 7 ft 0 in tall, weighs about 220 lbs, her fur is all silver-white, and her eyes are an uncharacteristic intense blue. Foxfire wears a lot of silver jewelry, and only a simple bottom. Foxfire, like her mother, is a priestess-shaman of the Great Mother, and is very strong in her use of magic. Her personality is normally bubbly and happy, and she seems to be a little bit of an "air-head" at times, but don't let her fool you -- she is far more aware of things than she lets on. Foxfire is the epitome of fluid grace and very demure. Her singing voice can only be described as "angelic", and it, combined with her dancing, is powerfully hypnotic. Foxfire's "specialty" is love - she can physically see it between two people, knows the measure of it, and can project it into others to "show them what it's all about". Although she doesn't yet have any cublings of her own (as of the first book, anyway), she has a powerful mother instinct.

This picture was drawn in 2012 with a mechanical pencil and shading tool on "everyday copy & print" paper.

Foxfire (and other characters mentioned) is © Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).

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