Full Name: Rissanivi Salnuano (pron.: Ris’-sa-NIV-ē Sal’-nu-AHN-oh)

Species: Vey’ani

Sex: Female

Age: 36 Std. Vey’ani Years (27 Std. Terran Years)

Height: 5 ft. 7 in. (170.2 cm)

Weight: 168 lbs (76.203 kg) – Std. Terran Gravity

Hair/Fur/Skin Color: True Green/Spring Green

Eye Color: Golden brown

Special Abilities: Cold-blooded

Appearance: The scales covering most of Rissanivi’s body are True Green; the palm side of her hands

and soles of her feet are Spring Green, as are the plate scales from under her chin, down front, along

inner thighs down to just above her knees, and along the underside of her tail. Claws on fingers and toes

are short, thick, and sharp. Her clothing tends to be one-piece tunic-style outfits that show off one or

both legs and one or both shoulders—all have a decorated hood that is worn in the presence of others.

Description: Rissanivi is a female of the cold-blooded reptilian race known as the Vey’ani. Rissa—as she

usually goes by—is a saucy, fun-loving, warm-hearted female, though is a savvy business person and

expert pilot/navigator, with thorough knowledge of her part of the galaxy. Rissa reads/writes/speaks

several languages, and possesses a translation matrix for several more. Being cold-blooded, she must

keep her body temperature above a certain level to function, and has form-fitting heated thermal suits

for cold temperatures. Rissa’s tail is strong and agile, able to act as a fifth limb or as a weapon with quick

and accurate strike ability. Rissa paints her face with a blue body paint in the style of her province.

Character Creation Date: 2018-08-21

Story Character Appears In: Daggers of Darkness

© 2018 Ronald J. Lebeck

Rissanivi Salnuano

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Here's the character sheet for Rissanivi Salnuano.

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