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From my "Daggers of Darkness" novel series:

Here's a new view of Rissanivi Salnuano of Vey'a-II. She's the reptilian  Vey'ani entrepreneur who is acting as a guide to the crews of Nightwing and Se'nika  in the part of the galaxy they're currently in (as of book #4, they're  between the Perseus Arm and the Outer Arm of the Milky Way galaxy,  heading towards the bright nebula known as Thor's Helmet).

Rissa (as her friends call her for short) may be cold-blooded, but she's  very warm hearted. People may think reptilians are slow and ponderous  (think of the episode of ST: TOS about the Gorn), but Rissa actually  moves quite lithely and has wowed the crews with her sensually sinuous  dancing. She is capable of surprising bursts of speed and strength,  though she's a real sweetie. Rissa has done well for herself,  business-wise, and was able to buy a (used) long-range courier ship (she  named it the Ilissenri, which I've posted views of on here), and over  time, fixed it up to suit her purposes. Rissa is intelligent, friendly,  and readily makes friends, though if she she feels threatened for any  reason, keep out of range of her tail--its hard, spearhead-like tip  strikes with the speed of a viper and can be quite dangerous.

As planets go, Rissa's homeworld, Vey'a-II, is not a rich world--its  citizens have learned to make do with what they have or can trade for.

One thing you may notice is that Rissa keeps her head covered at all  times. The Vey'ani have a belief that they must keep their head covered  at all times (male and female alike). In the story, Rissa has intimated  that the only time she uncovers her head is when bathing or in private  (especially if it's with "a special male"). She would be terribly  embarrassed if I were to draw her without her head covered, so I  won't--you'll just have to guess what might be under that hood. ;) Rissa  paints her face in the manner of those from her region on Vey'a-II, so  that blue you see is actually facepaint, not a natural coloration.  Vey'ani make small, quick little movements of their head, not unlike  small birds or some small lizards, and blink their eyes just in general  and also as part of their body language.

I made the initial sketch using a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil with HB lead,  inked Rissa's outlines using a 0.1 mm Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen  with black India ink, colored the blue facepaint with a Faber-Castell  PITT brush pen with cobalt blue India ink, and the rest I did in Adobe  Photoshop v.6.0.

Art, character, and story © Ronald J. Lebeck (that's me).

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