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In case anyone is interested, I'm the guy behind the user name, "Ancient Wolf". I'm a 60 year old retired Computer and Electrical Engineer who is a published author (currently, as of 2019-08-12, I have 8 books published ("The Sacrifice for Peace, vol-1, The Gathering", "Family Tails - The Story of a Mixed Family in the Genetic Age", "Tangled Vines", "The Art of Tangled Vines", "Daggers of Darkness #1 - Into the Black", "Daggers of Darkness #2 - The Heart of Élendor", "The Changed One", and "The Little Mouse and the Old Wolf"), and a 9th ("Daggers of Darkness #3 - On the Trail of Legends") waiting on my editor to finish with it, plus I'm working on 2 more at the moment ("Daggers of Darkness #4 - An Unexpected Discovery" and "The Sacrifice for peace, vol-2, The Awakening") and of course, an artist. I currently have fans in 42 countries--every major continent except for Africa and Antarctica. :) I served in the U.S. Navy back in the 1970s and 1980s, I put myself through college, worked in the I.T. industry for 30+ years, have a twisted sense of humor, and I'm a general pain in the tail (not really...I'm fairly laid-back and easy going, plus a good listener and an excellent cook). 

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Wow! Wanna rp?

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