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Angelic, creator of the Drakorg, See my personal fursuit/craft account here!

I am very grateful for all my watchers and fans! I would like to thank you all~! And apologize that I cannot thank each individually!

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TRADES- Rarely!
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Welcome and enjoy your stay! I use SAI for most if not all my works. I prefer canine species and I dislike to draw Sexualized art for other characters other then the ones that belong to me and my husband. I do also some sewing and crafts and will be willing to do fursuit trades or commissions- if so please note me about it. I enjoy showing my emotions in my pieces and I like to make sure its perfect or to the least showing the character how I feel they are to be shown- so due to this I am slow with art and do not submit daily. Note I like be sarcastic and funny, I am very childish and energetic but don't let that fly by.
treat me like a friend I do NOT accept anything above so..Any pervs will be pushed to the curb.

~♥Additional Personal info if interested♥~

Sex- Female
Age- 19
Country- Canada, Nova Scotia
Race- Caucasian/White
Political views- I want to live off the grid... thats all.
Beliefs- Dont give no sh*tz, I believe in myself.
Orientation- Asexual/Pansexual
Relationship- Engaged, Dedicated Long term

Interests- I enjoy ranting about this crappy generation. I am an old school girl

who prefers to stay covered up and comfy instead of booty shorts riding up my @ss.
I LOVE wolves and mythology, love video games- played halo since elementary..dear watson.

Enjoy cartoons, not so much for shows with real people. DRAGONS, dragon heart for life.
Medieval movies, swords and battle. Racing(like death race or FnF). 
Happy go lucky people with no cares in the world! I am VERY open with my opinions 
and I do accept others opinions but be warned I speak my own too, I accept people as they accept me.


WHAT I do draw/allow.


~Scalies, avians, myth, canine, ect.
~BDSM(Only some, note for questions.)
~Armor and fanart
~SOME gore,vore, or large bits can be accepted- note for questions.
~Comic scenes
~Mechs(Nothing horribly complex)
WHAT I DON'T draw/allow.
-Muscle furs(to a limit.)
-Water sports
-Unrealistic NSFW scenes
-Toys (Note about this.)
-Fat furs(pudgy is ok, nothing that's not going to fit in a mini van with no seats.)

I have two MAIN fursona's, Angelic a female Drakorg, and Night a fluffy Wyvern with a vengeful attitude. I DO allow fanart- just link me it. No art of them involved with other males!(or guys with female characters!)

To see works in progress, art not posted on here and more! View my Facebook! Or my Deviantart! Even twitter
If anyone may of be in interest I cleaned out ALOT of my gallery- older pictures that have been deleted can be see Here at my Dropbox!


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Lookey hur

This is a rather cool looking fur art site! Much more simplex and easier to get used to- especially with the text! Not having to use any or all that crap! I absolutly love it, slow on uploading stuff though cause it does keep getting errors. Ohwell new sites do that! I will link this profile in m...
29/07/2015 03:44


Lupus posted to Angelic

24/07/2015 00:25

Thanks for the favourite buddy!

Angelic posted

23/07/2015 01:59

Getting a good amount of pix up lately! And having new viewers!! Great to have interest from new furs/peps! :) 

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