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LOOONG over due comission for   Amdor

~Background is meant to look like a picture from the game. I did my best attempting to paint the same thing I was shown 

Art by Me
Character belongs to   maxlightfoot

Do NOT distribute, copy, edit or use this image without written permission.

Kachayin · 20/07/2015 15:21 · 3 Replies

Neat! :D The game in question would be Elite: Dangerous?

Angelic · 20/07/2015 15:25

Im honestly not sure lol, comments on my old FA account say its from Star Citizen??? Never heard of it lol

Kachayin · 20/07/2015 15:30

Ooooh, I see. c: I think that's like...a 4X sci-fi simulation thing. No clue.

Angelic · 20/07/2015 17:10

No idea XD i was given pictures to draw it off of that is all lol



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