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Hello! I'm Angelic Serentiy!

I'm quite new to the Furry fandom and I have a lot to learn about drawing furries for a start ^^" So please feel free to leave a tip and comment, it would help a lot!
Since I'm new I won't do commissions for now, I'm not ready to share my poor work >~< However I will take requests!
All in all, I would hope that you will all enjoy my stay here and I hope to many many friends too!

That's all for now and thank you, Nya!~

Requests are open

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HowSplendid posted to AngelicSerenity

25/10/2016 23:52

Thanks a lot for the fav!

AngelicSerenity · 26/10/2016 16:23

no problem!  Keep up the amazing work! ^^

YoshiTheFox posted to AngelicSerenity

05/10/2016 04:57

Thanks for the fav!

AngelicSerenity · 05/10/2016 10:57

No problem!  Keep up the awesome work ^^