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Felix the cat and fox, what a weird breed.

Oddly enough nobody in the Furry place is trying to look for this boy after he vanished for so many years.

Maybe nobody really cares after his disappearance. But there are theories of what Felix was really from; his backstory is shrouded in mystery, even he can't remember. But I have a couple of ideas.

Felix obviously had parents, a tomcat and a vixen, who are probably still alive, should be awarded for raising a catfox who benevolent, full of life, and love. There had been rumors that the family were out camping in the woods in a cabin for them to rest after their hikes. However, Felix was found alone in the cabin, saved by Soven a few days later. Felix had never mentioned about his parents' disappearance.

Felix would keep his happiness alive to forget the incident. He loves to be around the mansion family, trying to make others smile. Even the most depressed Furry will give a weak chuckle or a hint of a smile.

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Felix is the youngest of my not-so original characters: nine years old. He is a virtuous, benevolent, and loving kid, always cheerful and loves to shares his happiness to anybody he meets. Once he befriend somebody he will never let the friendship die.

Felix displays nothing but a happy, warm, and everlasting loving friendship. He would swing by to those who are feeling down, like a young energetic puppy. His loving personality came from his carefree parents who raised him in a way where he, too, can grow up to be the happiest kid around, spreading the love around him.

However, as his friendship is his best asset and always notable to his friends, he tends to be a bit too close to his friends. Some try to avoid him while others ignore the boy completely. And with that in mind he hates to be ignored and alone; Felix always depends on his friends to be there with him. Felix would also blindly befriend and trust his natural enemies -- making him an easy target to the worst of predators. To make matters worse: he's still a young boy who cannot defend himself and with most Furries, at his age, can die easily.

Felix can be a loving kid who isn't afraid to show his cute face around. If you can't smile when he's around, he'll be there to bring one up.

But what we both know why Felix is always around Soven. But the one with Lahara, well, Felix had a dream where Lahara saves him from an unknown danger. He was defenseless and was at the mercy of the unknown foe. But not until Lahara intervenes and saved him from the evil. He woke up the same say realizing that his dream almost came true, but in a form of Monarch trying to eat the boy. Lahara came to rescue Felix's life. From there he never stopped calling her his "sister" after that.

Same with his "brother" Soven and his two "nephews" Alekandra and Vladimir. The other real scary fact is that Felix does have some sort of amnesia after all. But nobody knows how long it will last.


1.5 Meters · 4 Feet, 11.05 Inches


40Kg · 6 Stone, 4.18 Pound

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long and lean

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He's a hybrid of a fox and cat.

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A young, benevolent catfox.

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