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I really am unsure what to put here.... um... I am 25 my main sona is called a Faryx a subspecies of Chimera consisting of a mix of FOX, BAT, and DRAGON. It is a species of my own that I just kinda tossed together. My first Sona was a Rainbow Fennec named Ankita, which is where my nickname derives from. I am trying to be a better artist but am vastly out of practice.

Thats about all for now, but I may update this again later if i think of more.


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Currently I am in Montana visiting friends, But hoping when I get home to my PC and my tablet to continue to draw and improve. Feel free to look at my stuff and if you are interested in allowing me to use your sona's for practice then feel free to leave me a message and or your ref. When I get ho...
29/03/2017 03:31


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04/04/2017 07:57
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Male · Sergal · Pansexual · Aries
Role-playing No
white bellied, golden brown sergal, with blond mane and tail fluff, has blue bands around his upp...
05/06/2016 23:55


Ankita posted

10/06/2016 23:05

So I am wanting to get better with my art. If anyone is willing to let me experiment with their sona to practice with, that be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone has any tips or hints to help me as well that too would be awesome.

Ankita posted

28/05/2016 04:37

I kinda want some naughty art of my sergal but meh money is all tied up for a while lol though i keep wondering what he would look like doing like the cowboy model photoshoot kinda thing

Ankita posted

26/05/2016 00:03

So how does this site really work?

Ty Wolvington! · 27/05/2016 00:40

Hey! Yeah, this site is pretty cool, so far.....How do you like it?

Ankita · 27/05/2016 13:49

Its ok still slightly confused on to how it works, but it seems to be almost like a Furry Facebook though then it seems there are a few places like that popping up.

Ty Wolvington! · 28/05/2016 00:33

Sorry for the delay.....Yeah, there are quite a few of these sites springing up everywhere.....I like this one....

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