Anthroartfantasy the Reindeer is feeling Bouncy
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Comet the Reindeer

I'm developing a full set of The Reindeer and Comet is my first and my baby. She's feisty and fun and definitely gives Prancer a challenge for leadership. I'll be uploading the rest of the crew as they're developed.

Dinah the Bear

Dinah is part of The Pride, a group of Lionesses and other animals running the BDSM club The Pridelands. Dinah is usually a butch but her character in the dungeon is a mystical and aloof dominatrix.

Traditional Artist Open to Comissions

Hi! I love a challenge and I'm open to illustrating any kink except underage. I use art markers, ink liners and water colour pencils and I like to discuss your requirements in detail before getting started.

I'll always do a few rough pencil sketches up front to see how our ideas mesh and to make sure I'm going in the right direction, and then I'll send progress pictures as I develop the rough sketches into a line work or colour piece.

I am looking to make enough to get an iPad and be able to transition to digital art for my webcomic and comissions so let's hope I can make it!!


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