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Hello everyone. The name is Aralayle. Ara for short. I apologize if I seem a bit inactive. The truth is, I am semi-active. You see, recently, I acquired a new job, and as a result, my free time is a bit on the limited side. However, that does not mean I am actually inactive! I still check messages, and such! So, I will just start from the top.

I am a somewhat introverted person who is trying to become more social. I used to crack under pressure extremely easily, and always had a lot of self confidence issues, but due to the recent transgressions in my life, I have came back full-swing, attempting to rebuild myself! So what can you expect? Well, cartoony dragon pictures, commissions I have gotten, and possibly some glimpses into my many projects I never seem to finish! ((I am trying, okay!)) One of my goals is to start making comics, as it is something I do enjoy, being both into drawing, and into writing as well. My comics range from silly, Saturday morning-esque one-off comics, to more serious ongoing stories. Hopefully, I will start uploading more on this page! Also, I am independently studying animation as well! I am not the best artist, I know. I am still kinda working on getting my own style, and getting to a point where I can actually be considered an artist, and not just somebody who can draw decently well. 

So, onto a few things about me to keep in mind if approaching.

First off, I am trying to be as friendly, and open as possible. I am not blocking or removing people unless they really cause an issue. I admit, in the past, and even more recently, I have been a little heavy on the block and remove buttons on other websites. I have my reasons, but what it mostly comes down to is that I get anxious really easily, and greatly dislike conflicts. In fact, I would even go so far as to say I can be quite cowardly at times, hiding away at the first sign of danger. I don't mean to, but I admit, I have gotten myself involved in a lot of crap over the years, so it kinda became second nature to flee, instead of getting caught up in conflicts.

Secondly, I am open to role playing. I have done role playing via typing, through back-and-forth comic drawing, and through voice calls. I really do enjoy it, though I am going to say it now: I am extremely rusty with my role playing skills. For the past few years, I have mostly only done voice-acting phone roleplays, so typing is a bit unnatural. However, I am getting back into it again. Just give me a little time to get back into the swing of things. I am open to most types of role play, though I am not into violence/blood/gore for no reason. FOR EXAMPLE, I am not into people who just... murder characters randomly to be 'edgy' or something. However, if we were, say, doing a story-based role play, and a character was killed as part of the story, and it fit, I would be fine with that.

Three, I am not going to guarantee you free art or something like that. I like to draw. I would love to draw your character. BUT I don't draw as much as I would want to, and it is hard for me to just draw something randomly. This is why I have always turned down people offering to pay me for my art. Because I don't feel I am good enough to be paid yet, and I know I would probably take forever to do their piece. So please don't befriend me to ask if I can draw your sona or something. Besides, that can get annoying. 

Lastly, if you want to try talking to me, and are curious of anything, please, just try it. I am an open-minded person, and even if, say, you wanted to role play, and wanted to ask if I was into something you thought might get a negative reaction, don't worry. If I am not into it, that doesn't mean I am going to insult you or anything. I like things that are pretty unpopular, or disliked by others. So just ask! The worst I can do is say is that I am not into it.

That is all for now, I will add more and more as time passes!


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Bored Durgon

I am bored when I am not working or in a game. So like... hit me up on here. And I may just add on a messenger or something.
13/11/2016 17:24
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Please, Read if Talking to Me

Hello everyone viewing this. I am just going to throw this out there. I have made mistakes. I have had a habit of doing rash things in the past. And I admit, I have had bouts of cowardice in owning up to my fears. Even now, I find myself over-reacting to things I should not over-react to, and hid...
31/10/2016 08:13


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Semura Yonatto

08/11/2016 12:40


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Lyeox posted to Aralayle

09/11/2016 01:32

Thank you for the watch! 

Shizimiru Okame · 13/08/2017 13:38 · 1 Reply

Master! ♥♥♥

Lyeox · 14/08/2017 22:10


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