Arco the wolfdragon the Dragon is feeling Artistic
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Hi I'm Arco the wolfdragon I draw i pixelarts and love roleplay with friends and new fellows out there and this my oc information switch roles 20 ft powers resizes, reform, invisible, acid control and shapeshift. he has two side nice version and his evil side which is called Arco, his whole fur changes to black and his evil but only a few manage to find his chill side choose wisely. that's character info color light blue face and most of the body and white belly fur
In order to know that Arco is back to normal his fur turns back to cyan and white neck fur and cyan blue right eye


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Things to do derg list!

upload all art from furaffinity-X fully finish the page Key: finished X unfinished O
1 month ago


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Arco wolfdragon

Nonbinary · Dragon ·
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames fluffy derg, any
animal that has been experimented in a lab
1 month ago


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Aoi The Dragon

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Delga posted to Arco the wolfdragon

2 days ago

You here?

Hey, Arco! It's me, Aoi the Dragon from SoFurry. So nice to see you on here too!

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