Arco the wolfdragon the Dragon is feeling Relaxed
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Hi I'm Arco the wolfdragon I draw i pixelarts and love roleplay with friends and new fellows out there and this my oc information switch roles 20 ft powers resizes, reform, invisible, acid control and shapeshift. he has two side nice version and his evil side which is called Arco, his whole fur changes to black and his evil but only a few manage to find his chill side choose wisely. that's character info color light blue face and most of the body and white belly fur
In order to know that Arco is back to normal his fur turns back to cyan and white neck fur and cyan blue right eye


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Awared or sleep (Arco story 13)

Its was dark and warm next to Elder. I was resting for couple of minutes before I was squirming around in someone's gut as I shouted "Hey! let me out!" There was no reply as I looked around all i saw was flesh as I growled and bit the creature's gut as the wall pressed me and pushed me out as i s...
1 month ago
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The Hidden Discoveries (arco story)

I was confused with questions to what he said and what was Supernatural? "Um Im what?" "you're Supernatural meaning you have strange powers within you that you yet haven't or have leashed out" Well there goes my thought...Wait what powers? does this I'm a some sort bomb weapon?this thought Overwh...
2 months ago


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3 months ago

Arco wolfdragon

Nonbinary · Dragon ·
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames fluffy derg, any
animal that has been experimented in a lab
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Species: dog
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mxssywuff posted to Arco the wolfdragon

3 months ago

I see that you sent my shop (The Wuff Shop) a quote! So sorry I didn't reply sooner, I've been a busy wolf these days!

What do you wish for your Custom YCH?

Arco the wolfdragon · 3 months ago


mxssywuff · 3 months ago

Okay, what would you like your YCH to be about? And in what sketch color?

Arco the wolfdragon · 3 months ago

Cartoon style Colors Black and cyan sketch Of half cyborg wolf

mxssywuff · 3 months ago

Alright, please give me 1-2 weeks to process your Custom YCH, as I have a sort-of busy schedule. Thank you!

Arco the wolfdragon · 3 months ago

anthro his left arm cyborg nitic color lines cyan and body black his eye black with the pupil cyan 4 ft tall

Arco the wolfdragon · 3 months ago

stripes cyan like lighting and sorry this is my first time doing submissions

mxssywuff · 3 months ago

That's okay, and I'll get that done in about 2-3 weeks, if you're okay waiting that long.

Arco the wolfdragon · 3 months ago

sure i have no issue

Samuel posted to Arco the wolfdragon

3 months ago

You up?

You Roleplay?~

Arco the wolfdragon · 3 months ago


Electric Storm · 3 months ago

Then Reply To The Conversations!

Samuel posted to Arco the wolfdragon

4 months ago

You here?

Hey, Arco! It's me, Aoi the Dragon from SoFurry. So nice to see you on here too!