Aria Vashari the Kiruta is feeling Dorky
Artist Type: Anime Artist

!!WARNING!!: This account may involve fetishes you may not like, which are: Diapers, Watersports, Castration and much more.

ALL Kiruta Info:

╭━━━| 22 |♑| Archibald Montilyet | Him/Her | Genderfluid | Vegetarian | Pansexual |━━━╮

Just a small, cuddly space bun that draws porn and does naughty stuff. x3

My Kiruta-Related Discord Server:   

My Ko-fi:

╭━━━━━| MMOs I'm On :3 |━━━━━╮

NOTE: I DO NOT play all of these at once, I may play one or two of the three like a month or so and then switch.

Elder Scrolls Online
Character: Sha'ril Vahl and Nyre Sathir
"Server": NA

Character: Nyre
Server: Bertoxxulous

Everquest II
Characters: Khulda Mehera and Nyre
Server: Halls of Fate

╭━━━━━━━━━━━━| ♥ My Mates ♥ |━━━━━━━━━━━━╮

Kitsy (on FA/IB) and Riokyn (on FA)


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Hellos. owo

Am new to Ferrific, I was looking for an alternative to FA, since FA's been fucking up a lot over the past few years. Am a furry/anime artist and I am the creator of the species, Kiruta. I am generally shy and timid so.. if any of you do want to talk to me, forgive my awkwardness. x3 I recently ...
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Sky The Otter

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Aria The Kiruta

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