Aria Vashari the Kiruta is feeling Dorky
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Hellos. owo

Published: 6 months ago

Am new to Ferrific, I was looking for an alternative to FA, since FA's been fucking up a lot over the past few years. Am a furry/anime artist and I am the creator of the species, Kiruta. I am generally shy and timid so.. if any of you do want to talk to me, forgive my awkwardness. x3

I recently moved out of my abusive family's household and plan on moving with my mates to live somewhere else one day. owo

Kitsy · 6 months ago

Raaaawr :o

I lost. · 6 months ago

Welcome to furiffic c:

Riokyn Tarashoth · 6 months ago

Hi hun :D

Adrian King · 6 months ago

Welcome fellow newcomer :0

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