- hates humans due to a near death experience to them hunting him. But he outsmarted them, the humans trapped him in his den and surrounded him, in an attempt to flushing him out they set fire to his den. The smoke damaged his vocal chords due to smoke inhalation, and his eyes were burned badly from the fire. He managed to escape purely by accident. He managed to be swept down stream far away from the hunters. From then on he never trusted humans and now hunts the men that tried to kill him. He lives in the sewers of the city, and trains how to fight as much as he can with the help of some allies
- mostly lives as a hermit, but only associates with some others of his kind.
- mostly keeps to the northern areas and is a really large and muscular wickerbeast.

- is blind
- spines (when vibrating) allow him to see
- also clicks often to see (echolocation)
- mostly cave dwelling/deep forest
- prefers cold weather
- when he can see, he sees black and white, can see the translucence of a person’s body litterally seeing their entire nervous system if his clicking is highpitched
- if his clicking is steady and slow he is just seeing your outter apperence
- has a high pitched sort of clown(funny) voice
- he is a trouble maker, often times is a joker and is very provocative but can become coarse and serious when he needs to be.
- has superb hearing, has even learned how to see without clicking, only using his hearing to be able to get around at a fast pace.
- diet normally consists of anything he can get his jaws around, ANYTHING
- is an outcast, even known as a monster or freak to his own kind
- only a few think he isn’t a freak a select few of beings he trusts



Favourite Food

Favourite Color


He hunts humans mostly just for fun or to kill because of what they did to him. He may dislike or avoid his own kind because of his hate for himself. He doesn't hate others of his own kind, he just prefers to be alone.

Extra Details

He is a very blunt and very ill-tempered, he is very quiet but will often click or growl. Mainly because he hates the sound of his own voice.


2 Meters · 6 Feet, 6.74 Inches


181Kg · 28 Stone, 7.03 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Type

Moderately Muscular/Toned



Extra Attributes

- Fire proof

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