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 Mary | Canada |♀ ♥

I like to draw, doodle, write and scribble whenever I can. I'm a reader, crocheter, amateur photographer, traveller, and crafter. I'm engaged to one of my best friends and live with my other two besties (and one adorable shih tzu). My life feels pretty awesome and I'd like to reflect that in my art!

I'm MissBibittSnowchaser on FA and PinkCaribou on DA.

My characters include Bibitt Snowchaser, a caribou; Aria, a pink dragon; and more to come :)

I dearly love and appreciate all favourites, comments, and watches :) I'm sorry if I don't end up replying to all of them! You guys rock!


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Aria the pink floofy dragon!
28/01/2016 18:17


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