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Well, I've joined the masses and have created a Dutch angel dragon, or DAD for short. I find it funny that I tried to get away from Aria's colour palette and ended up with it anyway, but at least there's cream and brown to offset it  

This DAD is named Nephele. Like all DADs she's genderless, but I'm using female pronouns for her. She is about the size of a Welsh pony, minus the horns. This species can't mate or reproduce, but they can have soul mates, and she has one, a being named Zephyrus. Nephele hoards art supplies and is usually very quiet, and one of her favourite things to do is explore. 

I prefer the original feral versions of the DADs, but I may end up drawing her in the common anthro version as well. 

Dutch angel dragon species, information, and species design are created by and belong to Ino!


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