Sora no Tamashii the Raccoon is feeling Dorky
Artist Type: Digital Artist

About me:
I'm brazilian, I study environmental engineering. I like to play Super NES and other retro games.

Commissions are OPEN

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Asexual - I don't feel sexually attracted towards any gender
between Sex-repulsed and Sex-neutral - You see, some people have this java-ish routine installed in them which makes them see one person and think "I want THEM"; for me, there's just like a simple and very specific function you can use to make me be like "well, NOW you got yourself an obedient raccoon" if you can press the right buttons, where the variable NOW isn't dependent on THEM
Quoiromantic - I can't always tell what kind of attraction I'm feeling; might be romantic, platonic, aesthetic, whatever
Nonamorous - No romo; even if I'm feeling attraction
Aplatonic - Not interested in QPRs either

About my fursona:
I'm a raccoon with an afro hairstyle, who's also usually naked :P

My tools:
HB, 2B, 6B and 8B pencils;


Wacom Intuos Draw Pen Tablet;


You can talk to me in:
Português - Portuguese
Español - Spanish
Română - Romanian
日本語 - Japanese


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