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I drew this duting the World Cup.

As Russia is a very homophobic country, I included some of it in the drawing to call it out: Moscow's ex-mayor, Yurij Luzhkov, called the Moscow Pride 'satanic'; judge Svetlana Mordovina, about the gay athletes during Sochi's games who wanted to gather to a meet-up or something like that, called them 'extremists'; not to mention the anti-homosexual propaganda law and the LGBT purge in Chechnya under Kadyrov's rule.

If you wish to support the LGBT rights movement in Russia, visit gayrussia.ru, not to mention gaybelarus.by, and lgbtnet.org

SmartWhitefang · 12 months ago · 1 Reply

Run zabi, run! 
some people are telling around internet: "in Russia you can be gay", but same as happened in my country, you can be gay but you can't give your public oppinion about the issues related with your own condition.

Sora no Tamashii · 12 months ago

The issue isn't being gay; it's not like we have control over that. The issue is how safe it is to simply not be cis-straight when compaired to the cis-straight folks. Cheers for you to resist/exist, yo!

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