Arikla the Wolf
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Hi! Well, another "About Me" to fill out... I am generally pretty bad at these.

The Basics: I am female, born in 1980, married, have two dogs and two birds. I have really long hair, and a really short body (and getting shorter!)

My art is traditional, mainly colored pencil but some watercolor as well. I dabble in a few new media or techniques each year.

So, um, Hi! Yeah, I am not good about talking about myself...


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Massive Etsy Update!

Cheese Days has come and gone, and with it my last show/convention of the year. I am still not sure what next year will hold as convention dates continue to elude my schedule. I'll keep you all updated as I know :) In the meantime, I did update Etsy. I updated the HECK out of Etsy! I had not real...
19/09/2016 00:01

Anthrocon ws Great!

So, as usual, I had to have a couple days to recover before typing everything up :) I arrived on Thursday and picked up the Shuttle to the hotel. Due to all the traffic and construction the driver took the scenic route, which was actually kinda pleasant. Little long, but apparently the highway w...
07/07/2016 14:03


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Lyeox posted to Arikla

28/08/2016 19:11

I love your art! Celtic art is so pretty.

Arikla ยท 29/08/2016 11:51

Thank-you! I definitely enjoy doing Celtic knotwork :)

Arikla posted

12/06/2016 13:15

Well this is new... while I am laminating another 108 Celtic Critters, lets see what is here!