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"The good news is I'm a nice guy; the bad news is I'm a nice guy."

TL; DR: Computer Scientist, Anthro Artist

I'm an anthro artist; welcome! 

Interests: computers, computing, programming, drawing, art in general, music, AI, second life, technology, reading, photography (but mostly for background scenes & references)

What I'm Working On

* Working on a webcomic called "Actors", which is a comic that I like to call a slice of internet webcomic, leaning towards a possibly dark internet comedy. Something like that...

* In the planning stages for a turn-based, side-scrolling RPG (or whatever comes first), still trying to wrap my brain around certain aspects of the game libraries I’m trying to use. With that in mind:
I’m using the Ruby programming language and Gosu, along with a few other libraries/ruby gems that will compile down nicely to an executable with Ocra. Another choice is to use ruby2d, which is significantly more modern than Gosu, although I can't get it to work right for the life of me.

Programming Languages: Ruby, Python, C, Perl
Domain specific languages: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra

Drawing/Painting Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint (CSP; primary), ArtRage5, Affinity Designer (graphic design), Affinity Photograph (photo editing)
Drawing/Painting Tools: Wacom Cintiq 13HD, Pencil & Big Paper; Markers; Charcoal

Drawing Workstation Specs
* i7-3930k
* 16GB DDR3
* Nvidia GTX 780(?)
* Crappy monitor so I don’t get a resolution error
* 1 HDD

Main/Gaming/Programming PC/Workstation Specs
* i7 8th generation (the numbers allude me lol)
* 32GB DDR4
* Nvidia GTX 1080 (EVGA)
* 3 SSDs
* 2 HDDs
* 4TB External HDD


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