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"The good news is I'm a nice guy; the bad news is I'm a nice guy."

Greetings! Just a "sentient wolf AI-matrix", with a body...!


*Now open for commissions*

Art wise... I'm an experimental anthro artist; no one piece looks the same.

I mostly draw portraits and full nude figures. Figures are what I'm practicing the most at at the moment, coming from a background of drawing cloths directly. I'm also a rather experimental artist who is trying to learn more about freehand--drawings sometimes use a pose doll reference or was done freehand. Experimental in the sense that no two pieces will ever look the same, among other things.

Otherwise, I'm an anthro and comic artist who is trying to figure out how to stay motivated to draw more often.


Sidenote: Eventually I move anything with extreme fetishes into their appropriate folder and disable it from being visible in the main gallery.


Requests: Ask, depends on subject material

Trades: Friends (Ask)

Commissions: Yes


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Opening for commissions

As it stands, I want to get my feet wet in doing some character sketches and/or inks for others, as I've gotten a little better as of late Ink of whichever character you decide (as long as they're yours or you have permission) -- $8 Single character Icon (colored): $4 If you had something else ...
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Nahojshi posted to Arity

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Dayum bruh, thanks for the sub and favs :D

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thanks for the subscription. I subscribed to you too

Arity · 1 month ago

You're welcome Victor, and thanks for the subscribe back :)

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