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Hello all!

I have been a furry since 2004 (Gosh I feel old!) and have been drawing since 2012.

You'll see here mainly Anthro art and MLP (My Little Pony art).

In addition to drawing, I love writing both fanfiction and upcoming novels.

I have two fursonas: one being my cartoon fox, Art Vulpine, and the other my mystical unicorn Spellbound.

Now some farorites

TV and Online Series: Gotham, RWBY, Steven Universe, Halt and Catch Fire, MR. Robot, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Music Genres: Power Metal, Eighties Rock and Pop, Classics like The Beatles, Techno, etc.

Food: Chicken, cheese, and dark chocolate (just not all at once *yuck*)

Movies: Too many to mention!

Other Interests: History, reading fantasy novels, playing Magic the Gathering, etc.

I love to meet new furs and look forward to having fun here!

~Art Vulpine


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My Thoughts On...What Makes a Furry Character

Hello all! I'm going to be starting a little segment of journals called "My Thoughts On..." where I share my musings on aspects of the furry fandom and maybe other things. So let's start with something that is at the core of the fandom: "What is a furry character anyway?" Loosely based, a furr...
22/05/2017 18:30

How Art... Arts!

Hello all! Art Vulpine here! You've seen the art here (thanks to those who have favorited, commented, or Watched!) So, how did I get into drawing? Honestly, I'm self-taught. I've read books on drawing furries and ponies, but largely it's trial and error. Drawing isn't second nature to me like wr...
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Ino Scent

Female · Skunk · Heterosexual ·
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The Siren Skunk!
17/04/2020 14:44

Gena Hyena

Role-playing No
17/04/2020 14:20


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ArtVulpine posted

17/05/2017 13:42

Mental note: when drawing I need to zoom in to get rid of any stray lines.

ArtVulpine posted

23/04/2017 19:50

Alrighty, so due to my busy work/life schedule, it's taking a while to create my next art pieces. Don't worry, I'm still here, just in a holding pattern.

ArtVulpine posted

19/03/2017 20:31

Next update: adding details to my characters!

ArtVulpine posted

18/03/2017 21:36

I migrated my entire Gallery from Fur Affinity to here, so i'm all caught up! New submissions should arrive soon!

ArtVulpine posted

18/03/2017 18:04

Uploads will be arriving shortly. Having a little difficulty with the Gallery importer, but hopefully this will be resolved soon! 

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