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My Thoughts On...What Makes a Furry Character

Hello all! I'm going to be starting a little segment of journals called "My Thoughts On..." where I share my musings on aspects of the furry fandom and maybe other things. So let's start with something that is at the core of the fandom: "What is a furry character anyway?" Loosely based, a furr...
22/05/2017 18:30

How Art... Arts!

Hello all! Art Vulpine here! You've seen the art here (thanks to those who have favorited, commented, or Watched!) So, how did I get into drawing? Honestly, I'm self-taught. I've read books on drawing furries and ponies, but largely it's trial and error. Drawing isn't second nature to me like wr...
06/04/2017 16:20

My Goals

Hello all! The past two journals I spent focusing on how I got here. Now I'll present a list of my goals with my art! 1. Focus on drawing a set of select characters, namely Art Vulpine and Spellbound. 2. Try drawing other characters. 3. Continue drawing MLP, but on a more limited basis. 4. Work...
26/03/2017 19:52

Being a MLP fan

Hello all! So I mentioned how I got into the furry fandom. Now I'm going to explain how I got into the brony fandom. After all, much of my art is pony related after all. Now I watched an episode or two of the show back in the 90s, and honestly I wasn't interested in it. To me MLP was a girls sh...
24/03/2017 14:33
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Enter the Furry Fandom

Hello all! I'm Art Vulpine, and although I'm new to this site, I'm not really new to the fandom. As my Profile states, I've been a furry since 2004. How did I get here from that date? Well, that's a surprise even for me. If you told me back then I'd not only be interested in furry characters but...
23/03/2017 14:30