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Published: 06/04/2017 16:20

Hello all! Art Vulpine here!

You've seen the art here (thanks to those who have favorited, commented, or Watched!) So, how did I get into drawing? Honestly, I'm self-taught. I've read books on drawing furries and ponies, but largely it's trial and error. Drawing isn't second nature to me like writing is. Sometimes a concept works, other times it doesn't. There are plenty of times I sketched something, put it aside, and later on realized it was bad and trashed it. There are even some drawings that I completed and later on look at it and say, "Art, why did you draw this?" As I've said, we artists are our own worst and best critics.

So what I do to draw something new is this:

1) If I need to conceptualize a pose or expression, I look how others pose their character. Let me be clear: I don't copy or trace! Looking at the art is merely to get my brain working.

2) Next I sketch it on paper. It's rough and may not be 100% complete but it's a good reference.

3) Then I scan the sketch and bring it up on the art program I use. Currently I use Fire Alpaca, a free Japanese-based program that is easy to use. I also use a Wacom Bamboo tablet.

4) Once the art is uploaded, I create a layer and trace over the sketch lines. Then I delete the sketch layer and after cleaning up the lines create a layer below the line one for coloring and shading.

5) After finishing up on the coloring and shading, I'm done!

Typically a drawing takes about 30 minutes to sketch, 30 minutes to scan and trace, and 30 to color depending on how complex the art is. With backgrounds, this takes about 2 hours or more.

If I were to go back, I would have done things differently by drawing humans first then working on furry art next, but hopefully in a roundabout way I can learn what I needed to do earlier with forms and anatomy to improve my art!

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