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My Thoughts On...What Makes a Furry Character

Published: 22/05/2017 18:30

Hello all! 

I'm going to be starting a little segment of journals called "My Thoughts On..." where I share my musings on aspects of the furry fandom and maybe other things. 

So let's start with something that is at the core of the fandom: "What is a furry character anyway?"

Loosely based, a furry is anything that has both human ans animal qualities. This an be anything from a talking dog to a human character with animals ears and a tail like a Neko (cat girl) from Japanese Anime. Most members of the fandom, however, accept furries as characters who have at of close to half human and half animal and have human and animal mannerisms. 

For me, I'm in line with the fandom's acceptance. As much as I like Anime, I consider Neko or other humans with animal ears and tails to be too human to be considered furry. Same goes with talking animals. Yes there is some Anthropomorphism there, but not enough for me to say they're furry. 

But you're probably asking, "Art, you sly fox you, what about ponies from My Little Pony?" 

Ah yes, well I believe ponies are furries. Why? While they are not at or near half human and half animal, they do have lots of human traits such as talking, using their hooves to grasp objects, living in homes, and having a very complex social structure while still maintaining an equine form and some mannerisms. 

So there you have it, my idea of furries. Look for more of these entries as I create them. 


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