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Gena (Born Genavieve Hyena) as a child lived with her loving yet strict father, her mother disappearing from when she was a baby. He taught her that she should always stand up for what she believed in and always protect those who were weaker than her. It wasn't until after her father was murdered that she learned that his "job" was a hit man for the local mob. This drove her into a mental breakdown, culminating in viciously attacking a group of bullying girls in her school, putting the lead bully in the hospital. She was sent away to an asylum for a month where her anger festered. Yet she learned from the resident psychologist to channel her rage into something else that Gena got an idea for revenge. Playing the wounded teen getting over the loss of her parents, she enrolled in martial arts and even acrobatics classes while learning on the side how to shoot. After graduating school, Gena set her sights on college, and plotted her campaign of vengeance against the gang that killed her father and any other gang that dared to threatened her city! Now she acts as a vigilante to bring justice to others, by any means necessary! 

Gena the Hyena is my character! 

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