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Hello all, I may not b-be the best artist but i do my best, I do love to Roleplay a lot, And i have Multiple Characters to work with. I am open to try new things and art tips are lovely help, I am still working on my art shape. I love video games and well Graphic novels, goodness you can say im a geek.


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Amino Community >W<

If your into Sci-fi Role-plays, space and Aliens this is a nice community home for those geeks and nerds who love to role-play, show art and more, Come and Join!!! Come and join Infinite Galaxies!!! {}
03/08/2017 06:54


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24/06/2017 12:47

Onyxian O' Rillie

Male · Genacromian · Pansexual · Taurus
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Nicknames Onii, SnowBall
02/12/2016 22:58


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The Great MC posted to Artamist

28/06/2017 16:03

Thanks for the fave and for subscribing.
Stay tuned!

Kara-Chan posted to Artamist

24/06/2017 21:40

Thank you very much for the Fave and the Watch! We are very glad you enjoy our Blessed Sakuya!

Artamist · 25/06/2017 21:00

No problem

ZanderDragonwolf posted to Artamist

30/11/2016 06:04

hey thanks a bunch for the fav and watch. im glad you like my sona. Keep being awesome

Artamist · 30/11/2016 06:05 · 1 Reply

you too keep up the awesome work sir :3

ZanderDragonwolf · 30/11/2016 06:30

aw thanks but the credit for the art goes to foxfurries. my own art isnt that good but i am improving. However Zander is my creation

Artamist · 30/11/2016 06:35

Improving is best key i am improving as well

Ylveerax posted to Artamist

30/11/2016 05:04

Thanks for the fave, and watch, you're awesome! 

Artamist · 30/11/2016 05:05

So are you Dear :3

Ylveerax · 30/11/2016 05:14

>w< Awww you! 

Artamist · 30/11/2016 05:19


Artamist posted

29/11/2016 17:55

I am trying to think up some new designs for my old characters to revamp and remodel them? Any advice?