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Species: african-wild-dog
Artist Type: anthro artist
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Cartel the Creature posted to Samuel k. M.

26/10/2015 04:31

Can I just say that your work is incredible, and you have a very beautiful, refined, and unique yet elastic set of styles that I thoroughly enjoy.  Your work really inspires me to keep practicing so I can get better as an artist myself c:  Looking through your gallery I started favoriting things, then realized I'd fav spam the hell out of you if I didn't stop, so sorry if I did end up favspamming a little XD  You have a wonderful day starchild ?  Many well wishes your way

Cartel the Creature · 26/10/2015 05:31

? is supposed to be a ♥* sorry!

Samuel k. M. · 10/11/2015 15:27

Thank you very much, your comment seriously made my day, 2 weeks later but still. I am still learning and growing in my art and styles and I'm thankful for the support along my journey, it keeps me going. I'm glad I can be a little source of inspiration and I wish you well on your art journey as well ♥ Keep arting!

Cartel the Creature · 13/11/2015 01:42

You're so welcome, and I appreciate that c:  Right back at you!  Have a wonderful day ♥

Alon Titanotter posted to Samuel k. M.

23/09/2015 11:38

Sorry for the +fave spam.  I had some catching up to do. =)

XKid posted to Samuel k. M.

07/09/2015 23:35


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