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<i>After a long night of fighting crooks, the two just wanted to relax and end the night by climbing on top of the highest place where no one can find them and sleep. They walked up a bunch of rocks and cuddled up, not knowing that the sun was starting to awake itself. Instead of getting the sleep they wanted, they both watched the sunrise together and saw the sky turn to beautiful warm hues.

Artistica: The sky is so beautiful when the sun rises, isn't it.

Auronheart: I guess you can say that. *chuckles* It kinda reminds me of your hair.</i>

yaaaay, another drawing of canid Artistica and Auronheart once more. :3 Requested by my boyfriend ^-^. I enjoyed doing this piece so much. Playing with colors, especially with the sky, was pretty fun. Also, these two live in a city. The city hasn't been decided where they live. My boyfriend and I will be figuring it out soon. (It most likely be New York, since I know it and lived there for 18 years)

Enjoy the drawing. :)

Artistica and Auronheart belongs to me. 

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