Miss Ashe the Wolf is feeling Hungry
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Hello! Welcome to my profile!

You'll be seeing quite a lot of cyan here!

I am Ashe Snowfur or as I'm more commonly callled Miss Ashe. I don't draw much if at all and am more interested in writing short stories, working on a novel that I've been occupied with or just roleplaying in general. So a lot of stuff involving words! I do not create any art that I'd upload here and am here just to see how this site is.

I'll leave any information about my character in the appropriate section for now unless there starts to become an issue with certain details of who I am.

WARNING: I am a lewdie pie.

Avatar is from part of a commission from Nasusbot on Fur Affinity.


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First Journal

I'm just setting my profile up at the moment and I'm liking how I can make characters in their own dedicated little area. However I only really use the one I use to represent myself so its largely wasted on me, I'll love snooping through the cute creations of others though! Hello Furiffic!
02/11/2015 09:46


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Ashe Snowfur

Herm · Wolf · Pansexual · Cancer
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Ashe, Ashey, Miss Snowfur, Fluffle Tail
02/11/2015 19:42


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Species: cat
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Mayhem posted to Miss Ashe

03/11/2015 00:51

Ashe is just adorable

Miss Ashe · 03/11/2015 06:22

Thank you hun~

Miss Ashe posted

02/11/2015 20:19

Currently filling in my profile and character! Its gonna be incomplete as I manage to cobble something presentable together.

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