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I'm Ashitaka Wolf.  I love browsing art and fursuiting, as well as dipping my paws in various other types art.  I build fursuits and draw (both digitally and traditionally) as well as many other things.


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Gauging interest...

I have a new 3D printer on the way...What I would like to know is whether anyone would be interested in 3D printed commissions for the following: - Oversized dog tags that would be customized with your character's name. These would be available in various shapes and printed using either ABS or P...
7 months ago

Shadow banned on Twitter :(

What the actual fuck?! I've been "shadow banned" on Twitter, but who knows why? I wasn't violating any rules that I'm aware of. My guess is that it was something to do with the way the Twitter API is implemented on the YouTube website. YouTube would automatically send a tweet for each video I li...
8 months ago


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2 months ago

Scylax Vitarrn

8 months ago


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Species: coyote
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Artist Type: digital artist
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Blueboi posted to AshitakaWolf

1 month ago

no prob ^^

SmartWhitefang posted to AshitakaWolf

8 months ago

Thanks for watch cute doggo

THECAGDL posted to AshitakaWolf

16/01/2018 00:57

You're welcome

THECAGDL · 11 months ago

No problem ♥

THECAGDL · 11 months ago

You're welcome ^^

THECAGDL · 11 months ago

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