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I mainly do digital furry art including personal as well as adoptables using Waitress bases. I will also be experimenting with other mediums.


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Copper the Tusked Pup

I'm selling Copper, my tusked dog. I have to pay on student loans and am falling behind due to my shit job so I will be selling more adopts and some of my characters. Minimum price is $15. He comes with four pieces of art. Paypal only. Money payment only. Must PM me or email me to bid. Headshot...
16/01/2017 19:19

Free Waitress Reference Sheets

Hello. I want to practice making ref sheets with the Waitress bases before I attempt to sell them. That being said, if you look at my gallery and look at the reference sheet section, you can see some examples. I will only be taking two at a time and you can't already have a reference sheet. you m...
12/01/2017 16:36


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Female · Dog · Asexual · Leo
Role-playing Yes
A demonic canine with a sassy attitude.
12/01/2017 03:46


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Species: deer
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