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I'm Withered Foxy, I used to live a delightful time in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria, until they demolished the whole entire place, now my cove is gone, I once was " different " than everyone else, until the " BITE ". I used to be everyone's favorite, now I'm in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria 2.0. There was a replacement of mine called " Funtime Foxy " now known as " The Mangle ". Now theres a kid that gives out balloons, and a puppet called " The Marionette ". I used to not be active, almost dead like. But on the day after the first opening, that " puppet " came into the door of " Parts & Service Room " and did " something " to us, it gave us life. Its like we woke from the dead and ready to get revenge! Now I cant run like I used to, I cant control my jaw like I used to, now it just dangles from my head. Withered Bonnie cant control his ears like e used to, he lost his face and his left arm. Chica cant control her jaw like she used to, she also lost her hands as well. Freddy is still intact with his parts hes got his hat and microphone, and I still have my hook. I'm now disoreanted with bright lights, i now hide in the Parts & Service Room with my friends...

- Withered Foxy


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Withered Foxy

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09/06/2016 16:23

Withered Foxy

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22/05/2016 15:11


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phake posted to Withered Foxy

12/06/2016 16:49

Thanks for the watch :3

Withered Foxy · 14/06/2016 19:11

No Problem 

Withered Foxy posted

09/06/2016 17:55

I'd like for everyone to know that I really need some subs because hardly anyone on Furiffic is a fan of Five Nights at Freddy's and I need to know if there is any FNAF fans, PLEASE! supscribe to me.

- Withered Foxy 

Withered Foxy posted

22/05/2016 15:08

Well if any of you furries out there are apart or ever herd of the Crimson Peak Wolf Pack, im one of the members. i just started today and im hoping for atleast 5 friends to start me reality on this site.


Withered Foxy · 23/05/2016 21:18

Also follow me on FaceBook, Instagram, and Tumblr, for face book im Xander Skeens, on Instagram im pretty sure im WitheredFoxy, and on Tumblr im witheredfoxy1983/

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