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Need mons for rent etc

So... Alright it's a long story, we have been away from our roommate we had for a couple months now, and honestly the BS she pulled has really.... Put us in a tight spot. {
28/07/2017 05:04
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Still alive!

Life has been busy as all heck... And other things. Still alive just going through each day one at a time. I am doing pixelart now huehue. I should post stuff here seriously.
08/07/2017 08:59
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Streaming! {}
14/10/2016 06:31

Commissions Open.(So I can get meds.)

I am raising my prices because my health insurance has changed, and I want to make sure I can make ends meet. If you want to know more you can private message me. Here are my commission prices right now if you are curious! Doodles are 15 + 3 extra per pose if it's a doodle page. Proper sketches...
12/10/2016 22:31
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Freebies/Gunna be re-uploading things

Now that I know what I am doing, I'll be re-uploading some stuff with the right names adn everything on it. So look forward to that! Will be some done today maybe??? I have my therapist appointment tomorrow so i can try to do some tomorrow as well! Also! I sorta want to do some small freebie sket...
10/10/2016 16:42
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Sorry I haven't been around

So, it has been a rather long time hasn't it? I have a lot to talk about, but honestly I am scared to talk about it. I feel as if that every site I go on; I seem to make enemies instantly and it's getting rather exhausting. I just; I don't know what to do? I am not depressed or anything like that...
04/10/2016 07:15
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Rest in Peace Michael Post 7-14-2016

My father had passed away yesterday, I never got a chance to make a journal about it here but I thought I should. Sorry I haven't been very active, I just it's really hard and my heart keeps hurting. I have been trying to do art and stuff but I am having a hard time doing such, at this point I am...
15/07/2016 19:00

New character in the works!

So, I was given a Dutch angel dragon design via a friend and I might have completely redesigned them. Don't get me wrong D.A.D's are alright but I am not a fan of them myself, they are cute tho but yeah, so look forward to a reference sheet I have done myself! Soon! I hope to open up references o...
19/06/2016 15:34

Stream be live! {}
18/06/2016 13:29

streaming! {}
17/06/2016 14:17
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Just gunna rant for a moment

So I have been trying to get health care going since the whole time I moved and I just got a notice today that it's all still pending because I didn't send in proof they wanted? I literally sent in every single form they have sent me with every single piece of information that they have wanted, a...
16/06/2016 17:59
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Gunna be uploading a lot of things soon!

So, I decided and because one of the mods here, who I know lol! Really wants me to join this place I will go ahead and join it! I'll be posting up characters and such and just kind of moving away from FA slowly I think, I lost all work I had there anyways. Fun fact, I don't get commissions there ...
11/06/2016 19:36
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Hey all!

Thought I would go ahead and post a journal! I keep hearing about this place and honestly, I'd love somewhere I can feel welcome to post my art works as well as my characters, that isn't filled with a lot of drama and such. It's really stressful that way! So I am trying to find a good place that ...
10/06/2016 18:44